Hello! So you’re looking around the site scoping out your first Chacos (or your next) to LUV but you are not sure what sole to go for. In a nutshell we have three different Chaco soles for you: Pro, Yampa and Unaweep. Each one is designed slightly different to align your sandal sole with your true “soul”, whether you’re a water baby, a trail lover or a little bit of both, we’ve got you covered!

Pro Sole

The Pro Sole unit is derived from the original, born out of our love for the water this unit uses a super sticky rubber by Vibram® to give you the best grip possible for all your waterborne activities.  Many climbing shoes use a similar compound, which we liked because there is nothing worse than slipping off a wet rock in rushing water!  #Heads Up, be aware this sole is marking meaning if you wear it on someone’s nice new white carpet there is a good chance you could leave a nice big black mark on it. So the advantage is it sticks well when wet on most surfaces, however the compromise will be it wears out a little quicker than a Yampa of Unaweep, if you are truly using your Chacos for adventuring. For those river guides and water lovers out there, our PRO sole is your best choice.

Yampa Sole

This is our ‘for everything sole’ so if you like being in water or walking, travelling, going to festivals, camping or just mooching around the urban jungle this is your sole. A mid height groove by Vibram® giving it a lower profile and non marking so you can  go and wear anywhere. It has good stability and still maintains a good grip in watery situations. If you are not sure which sole is right for you, our Yampa sole is the sole for you.

Unaweep Sole

For the adventurer in you! If you live your life in the outdoors or are taking a gap year to travel or just generally abuse your kit then you need a sole that will take a little more punishment, our Unaweep is best for you. It comes with the Vibram® all-purpose TC-1 rubber compound with a high groove, think of it as the hiking boot of Chacos.  It’s going to take you up mountains and over many gnarly crossings.  This is our longest lasting sole and will take the heaviest beating that you can give it.


Comments (3)

By hehibbs 24/04/2013

Hi! I'm designing my own chaos and am wondering which sole to get. I want one comparable to the Unaweep but the only options are Colorado or Terreno. How are these similar/different to Unaweep vs. Yampa?

By Merydior 27/12/2014

Hi, i have the same problem. When designing my own chacos, what are the soles ? Colorado and Terrell, are they similar to any of the other three ? (Yampa pro or unaweep ?) Thanks

By jules 27/06/2015

Say-what's the difference between yampa, unaweep and ecotread soles?? I've got three different pairs of sandals and don't know the difference.