Hello Chaconians, 


We wanted to let you know where we are with the ReChaco and Custom Chaco programs for the UK.  At the moment, our ReChaco and Custom Chaco teams are based in the States. For the UK, we looked into how we could bring this program to our UK Chaconians and realised that we have some work to do.

In our research we looked into shipping back and forth to the States thinking that might be a solution but discovered that not only was it incredibly expensive but environmentally, it felt wrong. So, at the moment we are not in a position to offer the ReChaco or Custom Chaco services to you due to not having the right tools available.  

Our goal is to provide you with the best ReChaco and Custom Chaco experience, so thanks in advance for being patient with us as we work to build these programs out for you all.  

In the meantime, don’t let those beluved Chacos go in the landfill!  Hold onto them and check back now and again for updates.  Also you can sign up on our email list and as soon as we have the right solution we will send an email out! 

The UK Chaco team. 


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