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Noir Double 9mm

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Two summers straight!
Par Anonymous 2014-09-11

These are my second pair of Chaco's. I was looking for something not quite as clunky and thick soled as my first pair and these were perfect. I have basically worn them everyday for two summers and they have been great. I regularly walk pretty far in them and they are very supportive and comfortable.

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Sleet not cool
Par j9reimer 2013-06-19

This shoe has VERY different sizing than the chaco's i have been wearing for over 15 years. The straps are shorter and i could not get my foot into the sandal enough for it to stay on. The new placing prevents a secure and comfortable fit. Because of this, the amount of sole from my toes to the end of the shoe is ridiculously large and down right ugly. I am SO disappointed. After my last 2 pair, that lasted me over 7 years each, i could not even wear this shoe outside. So unhappy.

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