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LifeLines 19mm

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Z2's are awesome
Par Anonymous 2014-04-04

I've had my Z2's for about 10 years now and I live in them spring, summer and fall. They can handle pretty much anything: hiking, biking, rafting, swimming, you name it. The best thing about them is that once you tighten them up, they don't fall off... They don't even wiggle, which is really comforting when your friction climbing your way across, or down a slab. The down-side is that the toe area is kinda wide and the heel area can be a bit narrow. So I usually cut them down to the right shape using a really sharp knife and a rasp. This can take a bit of time, but consider it a well-placed investment. Once you get the fit just-right, you can resole and re-web them forever. Those plyurethane footbed's just don't wear out. The other downside is that after you live in them for a while they stink, but you just toss em in the washing machine and voila!

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