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Comfort and Durability Champions.
Par Anonymous 2015-02-20

I have had a pair of these for two years and they have been the most comfortable and durable shoes I have ever owned. Sadly, I have worn the soles down after two years of continuous, unforgiving use and need to buy a new pair soon. I recommend these shoes wholeheartedly for their durability and comfort. Well worth the price.

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À quel usage destinez-vous surtout ce produit?: Walking/Hiking

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Amazing, comfortable, protection.
Par Anonymous 2014-11-05

I have two pairs and I am thinking about buying two more. I work in a hospital (CT Tech) and I spend a lot of time on my feet. I walk around 10 miles a day at work. My feet used to hurt and I wore insoles (superfeet). I got a pair of these because I thought the leather would be great for cleaning and protecting from doctors droping sharps on my feet. I have gotten rid of my insoles because these chacos are amazing. I have plenty of room in the toe area and they are easy to put on. No lacing is nice, so I am not tying my shoes on the run. Alot of people I work with either wear running shoes or Danskos. I didn't like the running shoes when thens got messy or a needle goes flying off a tray. We also do a lot of Xrays on nurses twisting their ankles with the Danskos. The PedShed has been amazing. Thank you so much Chaco. -Dru S.

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À quel usage destinez-vous surtout ce produit?: everyday

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