Sandal Adjustments

Fitting your Chacos


Adjusting your sandals

Once you've selected your Chaco footwear, adjusting the straps is equally as important as finding the proper fit. Here are some videos and diagrams to ensure a good fit:


How to adjust an open toe (no toe-loop) sandal (Z/1, ZX/1,Updraft)


How to adjust a toe-loop sandal (Z/2, ZX/2, Updraft 2, Updraft X2)


Closed-toe shoe adjustments

If you've chosen Chaco shoes, here are some things to consider:

If you've ever worn a pair of Chacos, then you'll experience the same arch support as with your sandals, on the same exact footbed. The only difference is the protective leather toe pocket.

If you haven't experienced LUVSEAT™ action yet, know that Chacos are designed for you to walk naturally - like you're walking barefoot on dirt trails. When you first put them on you're going to feel pressure under your foot, which is the action of the footbed pushing your arch back up into place, into its natural position.

Tighten the top strap and heel leash fo your shoes to achieve a snug, comfortable fit. Enjoy the foot hug!