The world’s at your feet.

Chaco is proud to unveil our innovative new Barefoot Z sandal.  25 years ago this month, we launched our iconic Z sandal.  Today we bring you the lightest and most minimal sport sandal ever created.  At a mere 40 grams, our hyper-minimal silhouette is so low profile you won’t even realize they are on your feet.

The Barefoot Z features a new Paleolithic design with a GroundTouch footbed that has been millions of years in the making. Jacquard webbing wraps across the foot and finishes in a toe loop for total forefoot control. The minimalist outsole design will leave feet calloused, creating luggy knots of hardened skin for a tread that can take on any trail.




Okay, okay... while Barefoot Z’s aren’t real, our 25th Anniversary sure is! For a quarter-century we’ve been adventuring with you: down rivers, over mountains, around the world, and back. Thank you for making our history together unforgettable!

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